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My name is Michael Bahrs, member of an organiced crime unit at the police in Bochum / Germany.

Since 2009 I am investigating in football matchfixing. I have reported the biggest Matchfixer all over the world, I am linked to many football associations and I have learned over the years how a matchfixer realize his plan from the first to the last minute.

If you are interested in booking me for a presentation or if you want to give me hints in matchfixing, feel free to contact me on the "Kontakt" side of this homepage.

The homepage is constantly updated. There are now a lot of reports about my work. You'll find it when you click the button "Aktuelles / News".

So far I have unfortunately find out that not so much has changed in 10 years. 

Neither the football associations, which are primarily responsible for clean sport, nor the investigative authorities or even the media are adequately dedicated to this topic.

Each conference is used to show how bad the current situation is and what could be done better.

I have a very good suggestion:

Let´s finally get started and stop the drivel !!


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